Born in Bordeaux, France, and raised in Paris, Sebastien Lagree was an introverted child who spent his hours sketching the physiques of buff guys and cars. Sebastien began weight training at the age of 13.

At 17, Sebastien moved to Tillamook, OR and finished high school there. He then went on to Portland State University to study for his BA in business and marketing. After receiving his MBA from Seattle University at the age of 23, Sebastien ventured to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry. Once in LA, to Sebastien’s surprise, people were wanting to use his services as a personal trainer.

Sebastien never had considered a career in personal training. His personal training career took off almost immediately. Sebastien loved helping his growing roster of clients to transform their lives, their bodies and their perspectives about themselves. He encompassed many training elements in his workouts. But as he progressed he became aware of the holes and limitations inherent in the physical fitness methods he was employing.

Sebastien began to craft the Lagree Fitness Method. He began dreaming up, sketching, and conceiving new machines. People told him that he was crazy to even try; that it would cost way too much to develop, that he should just find a way to work around what was already there. “I believed the myth and lived the lie. I was a ‘gym rat’ for decades, doing all the things that millions of people do daily to lose weight, build muscle, look more attractive and live forever. But, at the end of the day it is a hollow journey. I know what’s missing from our current perception of ‘fitness’. It is not enough to stare into a mirror and see a pleasing image smile back at you. I take a holistic approach to complete well-being.”

“I am designing devices that integrate strength, endurance, core, cardio, balance, flexibility, coordination as well as meditation, bio-feedback, heightened levels of emotional, spiritual, sexual, mental and tactile awareness. Anything less will sell my students short of their dreams."

“I’m currently developing devices that will expand the experience of fitness to a level never explored before.” Sebastien’s revolutionary approach to his passion is embraced by millions of practitioners who attend studios worldwide for sessions that require no more than 40 minutes of intense engagement with his machines and the guidance of his carefully selected trainers who must maintain the standards established by their inventor.

“Look, I am not another pitchman selling things on late night infomercials to make a few more dollars by providing false promises and money back guarantees. Nobody can give back your time and faith that someone has invested in something that might provide a temporary ‘fix’ or none at all.”

“I stand by my research and development. I am going to forever change the way people develop their full potential. I am in this experience till the race has been run.” Sebastien continues to inspire the fitness revolution towards ultimate peak physical performance with optimal use of time and effort. Backed by the most cutting edge fitness science, Sebastien continues to create concept fitness machines.

"When you see someone succeed and grow in confidence and strength right before your eyes, and you can feel that they experience themselves as beautiful, what could possibly be better than that? I live by this motto: I have no limits, except for the ones I create for myself.”

Sebastien currently resides in Los Angeles with his wife Danielle.